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The Women of Hip Hop

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“As a journalist and Hip Hop supporter, I always wanted to include more female perspectives in my writing, but finding a good mix of voices was always challenging. I discovered I only knew of a handful of women in the scene.

But during the last few years, as I’ve been getting out and networking with women at shows, I’ve discovered why Cincinnati’s Hip Hop community as a whole continues to be isolated. It’s a complicated mix of sub-communities that only intersects because of certain key people, and, not surprisingly, the connectors are women.” -Mildred C. Fallen from the CityBeat article, “Where My Ladies At,” publish in 2012.

I had the opportunity to meet and photograph most of the women featured in this story. This is the portrait series that resulted. The story I linked to above is one of my favorite music stories from CityBeat. (more…)