Cincinnati Enquirer Articles

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I have produced a variety of stories the Cincinnati Enquirer. In most cases, I also produced photos and video to accompany these stories as well.

Youth coach teaches by example documents Abe Harris. Being born without arms hasn’t stopped him from having a successful 15-year career teaching art and coaching for Hamilton City Schools.

Children’s high-tech scanner to examine museum’s mummy covered a collaboration between Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Cincinnati Museum Center to scan a Peruvian mummy.

Making snow from Cincinnati to Saudi Arabia provides a behind-the-scenes look at a snowmaking operation during the offseason at The Beach Waterpark’s Snow Mountain.

WCPO Articles

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I have freelanced for WCPO.com, a Cincinnati news station, since the summer of 2014. I’ve produced a variety of photo essays, stories and videos for their WCPO Insider program, a set of exclusive web content available only to subscribers.

Fountain pens are still going strong in Ohio: Just ask three local business owners is a story with extensive photography documenting the last two American fountain pen makers and an upscale pen store, which all happen to be located in Ohio.

Rain or shine: Organizers say Party in the Park will keep downtown rocking on Wednesday nights was written in response to a many cancellations of the long-running Party in the Park, which happens weekly on the Cincinnati riverbank. It covers the event’s history, and how the current structure of the event allows it survive rainouts.

Phototuts+ Articles

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I was the editor of Phototuts+, a photography education website. The site is part of the Tuts+ network, which includes Psdtuts+, the renowned Photoshop tutorial site.

Prior to being the editor, I wrote for the site for two years. You can see a complete list of all my articles on my author page. (more…)

Lomography Articles

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I have been commissioned to write several articles for Lomography.com. I’m a film enthusiast, and I still use it for anything I can.

I’ve written articles about scanning, a “Photo Paper Bible, and several pieces about individual cameras. You can see all my article on my author page. (more…)

Risky Business: Kevin Allison Profile

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This story was originally published in CityBeat, you can visit their site to read the story, too.

Kevin Allison wants you to listen to his podcast, and he will tie your shoes to his balls to do it.

The Cincinnati native left town in 1988, and his comedy career launched into overdrive even before he graduated from New York University four years later. Allison now runs a storytelling podcast out of New York City called Risk!, which encourages people to tell stories “you never thought you’d dare to share.” Enjoying an average of 225,000 downloads a month, it began in 2009 and includes stories that are often edgy and occasionally riddled with profanity. Unlike The Moth and similar podcasts,Risk! tries to focus on this central idea: people stepping out of their comfort zones. (more…)

I-75 Sushi: Akira Japanese Restaurant

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This story was originally published in CityBeat, you can visit their site to read the story, too.

A few weeks ago my roommate was asked to entertain two West Coast business associates. He frantically texted me asking if I knew about any sushi joints near his workplace in Fairfield. My response was one word: Akira.

Having developed a taste for sushi in college, I avoided the long-standing West Chester establishment for years after I returned to the area. To use a real estate term, let’s just say that the place does not have curb appeal. Akira is tucked in a strip mall with a Big Lots, the Twin Dragon Chinese buffet and a Radio Shack manned by the least enthusiastic employees on earth. (more…)

A Gentle Faith: Jainism in Cincinnati

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Harshad Shah grinds a mixture of saffron and water on a special wooden plate made from the Chandan tree. The mixture is used to make the red Kashar dot placed between the participants’ eyes. Non-violence is one of the most important principles in Jainism, so those performing the ceremony wear scarfs to prevent the accidental damage their breath may cause to microscopic airborne organisms.

This story was originally published in CityBeat.

The suburban home in Amelia looked similar to any other Ohio home hosting a gathering. Cars lined the driveway and the chatter of children drifted from the backyard. But this wasn’t a birthday party or a family reunion.

More than 2,500 years ago Lord Mahavir, the 24th and last Tirhankara, or spiritual leader of the Jain religion, was born. After 12 years of meditation, Lord Mahavir had a spiritual realization and spent the next 30 years preaching in India. Now his followers are known as Jains, and on July 17 dozens of local Jains gathered for a ceremony, called puja, in the home of Sam Patel of Amelia. (more…)