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The Rollei 35: An A-List Oddity Compact Camera

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This time we’re covering the Rollei 35. It was introduced in the mid-60s and was produced for 30 years. It is well-loved, and dare I say, a “cult” camera. I just think it’s great. I apologize for the length on this one, it’s practically a PhD dissertation. Watch it in two parts if necessary.

The Hate Gospel

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In the middle of September on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, a man calling himself Brother Micah showed up near McMicken Hall near the until recently challenged Free Speech Zone.

In August, a district court judge ruled that public university’s could not “quarantine” free speech. So the free speech rights at UC are a bit of flux at the moment.

When I ran across this scene, the students were in an uproar. They were shouting Brother Micah down while he accused them of being sinners, and often, more specifically, whores or homosexuals. His warnings of hell seemed to fall on deaf ears. (more…)

The Zorki 4K: A Pinnacle of Russian Rangefinder Cameras

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The Zorki 4K is a rangefinder camera that was introduced in the 1970s under the USSR. This overview will talk about the history of Russian rangefinders, the “universal” lens mount and the general operation of the camera.

New Site, Old Photo

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So today’s I’m launching my new site, complete with a fresh new blog. Some of your may remember this picture. It was originally posted on my old blog right after I started my job at CityBeat. This is the newest interpretation of the photo. I made it this spring.

I started blogging in March of 2008. I wanted to give people a look at my photography who weren’t typical news consumers. I then moved my blog to WordPress soon after starting it. I did this primarily to allowing commenting on my blog posts. I a lot of posts then broadcasted my opinions, and if those opinions couldn’t be challenged, then what was the point.

My life has also changed drastically since March of 2008. I leave a company, joined a different company and was subsequently laid off from that second company. And mixed in with it all, I started what I hope will be a large part of my career moving forward, education. My primary job now is being the editor of Phototuts+, an online education website owned by Envato, the smartest and most compassionate company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for.

I’m also teaching IRL at the University of Cincinnati. My love and pursuit of photography and journalism itself has never waned. Yet, I think teaching the crafts has changed the way I look at them.

Enough with the sentimental self-indulgence. Here’s what you’ll find on my site now and in the future. First, you’ll see I have a dedicated portraits section of the site. I’ve been commissioned to do more and more portraits over the years, and I’m very happy to take on more work.

Second, you’ll see a wedding section on my site. I’m by no means a specialist in this area, but for those couples who enjoy my rather different style, I’m more than willing to take on the task of documenting their day.

You’ll also see that there is a food section. Over the last few years, I’ve shot a lot of food, and I think I’ve developed that set of skills along with a style that is appealing. If you’re in the market to have some dishes shot, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the food porn.

You’ll see more photo sections added to the site in the future. I’m hoping to launch a dance photography section before the end of the year. I also would like to have a music section up by that time, too. A product photography section is also in the works.

And finally, anyone who knows my work, knows that I love film. There is currently a video right here in the blog along side this post. It’s an overview of the Pentax Spotmatic film camera that was released in the ’60s. For you camera nuts out there, I’ll be posting these overviews every few weeks. I have a huge camera collection, so it will be awhile before I run out of material.

Please let me know what you think of the new site and it’s features!

The Pentax Spotmatic: World’s First TTL SLR

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The Pentax Spotmatic SLR was the first SLR camera introduced with a TTL (through-the-lens) meter. This overview will talk about the operation, the history, the legacy, the mount and the quirks of this pinnacle film camera.